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Tropical weather for the first weekend of August

Posted by Hurricane Expert on July 30, 2009

Long Beach, CA vista

Long Beach, CA vista

Tropical travelers to Hawaii and Mexico may have tropical weather nearby this weekend.

Hawaii Satellite imagery shows more organization to a cluster of storms southeast of the Big Island. There appears to be a fair chance of development with this feature over the next couple of days. Harsh upper air winds are farther west in its path beyond that. Check my Pacific daily hurricane summary and outlook for the latest on this feature.

Mexico Forecast models want to develop a cluster which is just west of Central America this morning. It should remain well southwest of interests on the Mexican Riveria though.

Caribbean / Bermuda A tropical wave is moving through the eastern Caribbean and should increase chances of scattered showers and storms in the western Caribbean. Friday brings the best chance of scattered showers to near Jamaica and Saturday into early Sunday to Cancun and Cozumel to the Bay Islands.

Rich Johnson
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The tropics staying quiet…

Posted by Hurricane Expert on July 25, 2009

La Jolla sea lions

La Jolla sea lions

Good day to all of the travelers to the tropics of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific waters.

Here we are heading into the weekend of July 25-26. No hurricanes or tropical storms in sight! Why has it been so slow this season? Well, it really hasn’t. We could have had a couple of systems briefly named earlier but the National Hurricane Center opted out. We are really on target for an old fashioned “regular” hurricane season. Before the mid 1990’s there were on average about 10 named storms of which 6 became hurricanes. We have just been in an up cycle since then and we have all grown accustomed to much more active hurricane seasons.

Glancing a little farther down the road it looks like this upcoming week should be relatively quiet. The forecast models try to develop a system well west of Mexico in a few days…..aka “fish storm”. If you’re really bold to believe the models, they have a couple of strong waves coming off of Africa in about 7-10 days. That’s simply climatology. The active part of the Atlantic hurricane season starts in Mid August. I had to laugh a few weeks ago when a very well known weather provider’s hurricane expert boldy stated that the hurricane season was looking to heat up in mid August. A trained chimp could have got that one right….if it knew basic tropical weather climatology!

Have fun and enjoy those vacations this week!

Rich Johnson
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Caribbean / Gulf of Mexico / Eastern U.S. coast / Hawaii / Bermuda / Western Mexico weekend weather forecast

Posted by Hurricane Expert on July 9, 2009

St. Kitts scenery

St. Kitts scenery

Hello travel fans…

if you’re headed to the tropics this weekend we are not expecting any hurricanes to threaten your trip. There is one cluster of storms several hundred miles southwest of the west coast of Mexico, that may have some slow development potential. This would be classified as a “fish storm”. Only bothering the fish in the open ocean waters…I doubt that any of would be heading anywhere near there. Oh, and there’s the leftovers from Blanca several hundered miles west of the Baja holding onto a few showers.

As for Hawaii, hurricanes are extremely rare and this weekend will not see one either.

The Caribbean will see the usual sunshine with a scattered shower. Three will be a tropical wave crossing the area which will increase the rain chances for a day as it moves past. Near Jamaica on Saturday and then the western Caribbean on Sunday.

The Gulf of Mexico will be mostly sunny with scattered showers. The best chance of storms will be over the Florida coasts where it is more unstable, away from the big bad high over Texas and Oklahoma.

On the east coast to Bermuda…a pesky front will still bring a few showers and storms to the eastern Florida coast. A low pressure center or two will develop east of the Carolina’s and head just north of Bermuda this weekend. Just like the past several days, it may be a close call for some storms in Bermuda….hopefully they’ll stay just to the north. The next front will bring a chance of showers to the Northeast Saturday night and then Sunday for the Southeast coast, especially North Carolina.

Enjoy the weekend!

Check out the website for up to date forecasts / webcams / beach water temperatures and all kinds of stuff!

Rich Johnson

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Tropical storm Blanca is in the eastern Pacific

Posted by Hurricane Expert on July 6, 2009

water off of Anguilla

water off of Anguilla

Are you traveling to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, or other western Mexico destinations? Worry no more. Blanca is what we refer to as a “fish storm”. This simply means that it is heading out to sea impacting few if anyone at all.

The western coast of Mexico has many close calls from tropical cyclones, but the usual track is for them to intensify and move away from the mainland.

If you would still like to keep up with the tropics in the Atlantic, eastern or central north Pacific check out my website

Rich Johnson
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Eastern Pacific hurricane season picking up

Posted by Hurricane Expert on June 21, 2009

Anquilla rock jumping

Anquilla rock jumping

The western Caribbean’s weather pattern has quieted down quite a bit the past few days. It seems though, many times that as one location gets calmer, the other gets rougher. A few days ago we almost had our first named eastern Pacific storm. The strong upper air winds got to it just before it reached tropical storm strength.

This time around it looks like a new depression has formed southwest of Acapulco, and may have a much better shot at developing. We’ll keep you updated! Please pass along any questions of comments on my website message boards!

Rich Johnson
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