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Tropics about to get more active

Posted by Hurricane Expert on August 18, 2011

Tropical Disturbance

Two tropical disturbances have potential for development in the Atlantic basin over the next several days. Of immediate concern is a tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean. It has the potential to be classified as a depression later today and could be a tropical storm before landfall this weekend near Belize.

The second tropical disturbance is much more worrysome. Forecast models for several days have been bringing a hurricane near the northern Caribbean and Florida by mid to late next week. I don’t put too much faith in the long range computer models since they “cry wolf” many times. It does concern me though that the models have been very persistent in forecasting this scenario for a number of days. This morning satellite imagery shows a more well defined disturbance in the central Atlantic which may point to the fact that the models knew what they were doing all along.

In any case residents and travelers to these parts of the tropics should follow both features, especially the central Atlantic tropical disturbance.

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