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2010 Atlantic hurricane season summary

Posted by Hurricane Expert on November 9, 2010

Hurricane Season 2010 summary

The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season turned out to be another busy one, keeping with the trend of more than the last 15 years. Four tropical cyclones gave the U.S. some effects. The most notable was from tropical storm Hermine which brought 5-10+ inches of rain to south and central Texas. There were no direct hits from hurricanes this season in the U.S.. Earl brushed the eastern coast with only a couple of gusts to near hurricane force on Cape Hatteras. Alex hit northeastern Mexico as a category two hurricane, but was a small tropical cyclone. Because of this, the wind damage remained in Mexico. South Texas did see some winds to tropical storm force, but most of the impacts were from locally heavy rainfall in extreme south Texas. Tropical storm Bonnie made landfall in south Florida early in the season with minimal effects. Overall, despite being a busy season, the U.S. fared well. Most of the tropical cyclones traveled the familiar route around the Bermuda high in the open Atlantic ocean.
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